Global Alternative Enterprise, Inc. (GAEI.NET) is an international organization that represents visionary architect firms, and entrepreneurs for the development of mutually beneficial infrastructures projects between Africa, China, United Arab Emirates, India, South East Asia, South America and the Diaspora within the United States and Brazil. GAEI.NET shall help African governments to raise capital with a select group of talented architects for infrastructure development to meet the growing needs within private sector. We are dedicated to the development of Diaspora & African-Sino relations to advance the industrialization of each African country for economic development, world parity and bilateral trade. We bring an A-list of international talented architecture firms and private sector entrepreneurs to service numerous types of business deals between Africa/China.
There is a registration process for all foreign entities desiring to apply for construction projects in any African country. In addition, state fees are required in each African country.

We are committed to developing African-American-Sino, Afro-Arab and Indian cooperation in the areas of finance. The goal is to increase mutual exchange and cooperation with the Chinese, Africans, Arabian and Indian governments counterparts in African countries, as well as, regional finance institutions in Africa and China, and the Arab Emirates. As such, we highly support the development of an African-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the African Union efforts to strengthen alliances between Africa and countries of the Arab world. We intend to assist Sub-Saharan Africa countries developing platform to export products in foreign markets and advances each governments industrial agenda.  We encourage private sector social policies and projects that accelerate bilateral trade between China,  Indian, and the Brazilian government which encourages growth, poverty reduction, and sharpens the international competitive edge of each respective country.
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