Mission Statement:

The mission of the GAEI.NET movement is to secure economic parity for professionals. Secondly, our mission is to assist professionals with achieving social and economic equality. Third, our mission is to assist African Governments with implementing mutually beneficial economic policies with foreign Governments operating in Africa, whether it involves securing construction projects or natural resources.  

We are a global firm dedicated to representing professional minorities essential to the development and production of commercially successful and award-winning construction projects. Our clients have created dozens of the most critically acclaimed construction projects. We are dedicated to representing key architects, engineers, interior designers, and construction managers ranging from some of the best-known names to the next generation of emerging stars from around the globe.

We consult with our clients on their overall career objectives and find projects to support their goals. Global Alternative Enterprise Inc. developes construction deals and obtains independent financing for construction projects. We are the most prolific internationally minority owned firm in the world. We represent talent, and package construction projects specifically in Asia.


Mission Statement
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