Global Alternative Enterprise Inc. (GAEI.NET) was founded by a businessman based in Beverly Hills. GAEI.NET is committed to advancing the industrialization of its clients and identifying opportunities. The firm is a pioneer in the concept of packaging, and bringing together the finest architectural talent in the world. In the event that you qualify as a minority owned architectural firm or entrepreneur, please contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you or to mail in your information.

Global Alternative Enterprise, Inc. (GAEI.NET) represents leading real estate developers, contractors, design firms, financiers, creative and technical talent to provide consulting, engineering, project management, construction management, new media, operations, fully integrated engineering, procurement, construction services, and related technical services to private and public clients and government agencies around the world. Under the consistent leadership of GAEI.NET, we remain proactive in seeking new opportunities for our clients as emerging technologies reshape the international construction landscape. Our clients share the best practices and brainstorm solutions to problems in the increasingly global $4.2-trillion construction marketplace.

Global Alternative Enterprise, Inc. (GAEI.NET) is uniquely positioned to enhance bilateral trade and communication between United States and Asia, the world  two largest economies, through well planned and skillfully executed business ventures.
Global Alternative Enterprise, Inc. (GAEI.NET) principals and team of experienced in-house professionals possess the extensive multi-cultural and business background necessary to create conservative, long-term asset value in each international investment.

Mission Statement
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